Upper Blepharoplasty / Double Eyelid Surgery

Treatment Received: Upper Blepharoplasty / Double Eyelid Surgery

Undergoing a double eyelid surgery has been in my bucket list ever since I realized how hideous I looked with my eyelid stickers peeking through my unevenly creased lids. But still, I can't forego the stickers cause I can't live without them anymore!...

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Penang, Malaysia
5th September, 2017

I feel so happy with all the result

Treatment Received: Breast surgery

I had my breast reduction procedure in December 2016. The procedure needed to be done because of the constant pain around my neck and shoulder. I got Dr. Ng contact details from Whatclinic.com. I sent him an email and he replied to it fast. Even though he didn't know yet whether I will have any procedure with him. Before the surgery, I went to Penang to prove that all the good reviews were right. Yes, they were right.

I feel confident to do the surgery and now I feel so happy with all the result. I can't thank you enough to Dr. Ng and all the staff especially Lily and Carol. Thanks.

3rd September, 2017

They were very professional and confidential

Treatment Received: Breast surgery

I'm very satisfied with Dr. Ng's work (he's a plastic surgeon at Penang Adventist Hospital) and would really recommend him! He's professional, price is reasonable and not pushy.

I'm an A - cup, 43 kg and did fat grafting (breast).

I'm from KL and prior to the consultation, my enquiries were answered by his nurses with a realistic point of view and gave experienced advice. I've sent my profile to Dr. Ng's work email but it was spammed (as it has photo attachment) so you may want to send to his personal email.

On the day of the consultation, besides explaining on fat grafting, Dr. Ng also shared info about breast implants because the result of fat grafting is not confirmed as compared to BA. Fat grafting depends on the survival rate of the fats (about 70%) and how much the breast can take (especially the top part of the breast as the skin is tight), which would end up costing more than a BA (as I'd probably have to do a 2nd or 3rd time to get a B cup).

However, I didn't want to have something foreign in my body, I decided to proceed with the fat grafting surgery (please do as much research on your own and listen carefully to what the surgeon say he is able to do) on the day itself as he quote me a reasonable price (cheaper than KL or going to Korea). Dr. Ng respected my decision and quickly made the arrangement with his team. They were very professional in all arrangement (in such short notice!) and confidential (they will not mention the type of surgery openly at the registration area).

I'm glad Dr. Ng managed to find fats from my tights even though I weighed 43 kg. I was told by a consultant in KL that it was not possible as I was too skinny and a waste of money, which was not true. The surgery started at 11.30am and ended around 5.30pm (resting time included). Please note on Friday office hours is until 2.30pm, after 2.30pm they will charge RM73/ half an hour.

The experience was quite traumatizing as I could actually feel the lipo insertion at one point even though I was put to sleep. Dr. Ng has recommended using waterjet as it's less painful and better for fat transfer (but cost additional RM1k).

I was able to leave on the same day of the surgery as there was no complication.

After the surgery, they let me rest until I was able to stand up, they put me in a wheelchair to the entrance. Somehow I was able to get into a taxi to my hotel but I'd advice to get someone to accompany you that day. Please also bring the compression garment to be worn right after the surgery as it's important for fast recovery (have to wear for at least 2 weeks). I was able to return to work on Monday, definitely, won't advise working the next day which I initially thought I could.

The 1st week was tough, with the sore, sitting was a pain and seeing the dark bruises on my tights made me sad. It felt numb and I lost some sensation, I could only feel a tingling feeling when I touched it. My breast was looking like a pumped grapefruit and sore (no bruises). After a few days, the fats at the top part of my breast didn't survive, it was back to before.

Dr. Ng was very kind to arrange my stitches to be removed a week after with a recommended doctor in KL (paid RM74) as I wasn't able to take leave again. The stitches were healing well and almost unnoticeable (~0.5cm)! Really good skills because he stitched it very clean and tidy. There are 2 stitches on my crotch, 2 on the side of my hips, 2 under my breast and 2 holes under my buttocks for the lipo liquid to be drained out.

2nd week the bruises reduced (becoming yellow) but still feeling sore and numb. My left breast is smaller than my right because the bottom part of the left breast didn't survive well. There are hard lumps (size of grapes) in my inner tights but it will go away wearing the compression garment as clarified with Dr. Ng.

The 3rd week had just ended, no more bruises, still a little sore but getting back some feelings to my tights. They are both almost the same shape thanks to Dr. Ng's balanced work and the compression garment. My breast measures at 73cm left breast clearly smaller than right. I hope it doesn't reduce further. As it's my own fats, it feels real and not obvious that I've done breast surgery (compare to BA & suddenly having big breast).

Can't wait for my 2nd fat grafting, hopefully, my body will accept it better, but I would agree with Dr. Ng and recommend BA as it would have a confirmed result and cost less. Hope my review helps!

Thank you again, Dr. Ng & your wonderful team!

Satisfied and recommended breast surgeon!

Hong Kong
1st September, 2017

A very skillful, confident, knowledgeable and gentle surgeon

Treatment Received: Eyelid surgery

My eye bags are gone. The surgery was successful and I am recuperating well. Thanks to Doctor Ng Hian Chan, a very skillful, confident, knowledgeable and gentle surgeon. Thanks to the staff too, in particular, Lilly for her good service and caring attitude.

Kuala Lumpur
22nd August, 2017

The results are amazingly superb

Treatment Received: Breast Implants

I had my breast augmentation (BA) done by Dr. Ng about 10 days ago. The surgery went well, as well as the recovery period. I had 440cc round, textured silicone implant placed under the muscle in dual plane. The incision was done at periareolar, and the results are amazingly superb. I never met Dr. Ng in person prior to my surgery and opted for online consultation. He is very responsive to my emails, he answered every single questions and inquiry, without being pushy at all. He also guided me on the implant size needed to achieve my desired perky looking breast.

I booked my day-care appointment and surgery date with a deposit. The nurses are so polite and they really understand the sensitivity and privacy upon dealing via phone. On the day of surgery, everything went smooth, from registration, consultation, sizing and measurement, and the surgery itself. Everything was done professionally. I requested for discharge after surgery as my husband came along and he's taking care of me. Dr. Ng provided me with enough medications to help relieve my pain and for recovery. Overall I'm 100% satisfied. I highly recommend Dr. Ng for everyone.

Pleasant environment, friendly yet highly professional doctor, nurses and staffs.

18th August, 2017

The result is excellent and looks very natural

Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation

I did my BA under Dr Ng in December and now it has been 4 months, all I can say is that the result is excellent and looks very natural. I was actually planning to visit Singapore or Korea for the procedure, but after meeting Dr Ng on my first visit, I felt comfortable with his kind, friendly and professional attitude.

He is particularly skilled with the periareolar incision method which resulted perfectly well in my case for 350cc. During the procedure, I felt well informed and safe. The result today makes me enjoy my new image in so many ways.

After reviewing and doing much research over the internet, the end result and value for my procedure is the best. Thanks again Dr Ng.

His clinic is in Adventist Hospital, a leading hospital in penang. Rest assured a full support of doctors and paramedics are available there. The nurses at his aesthetic clinic are all well trained and informed.

Kuala Lumpur
26th April, 2017

Professional, attentive nursing staff

Treatment Received: Full Abdominoplasty

I had the Abdominoplasty procedure in mid January, complicated by extensive infection and a wound that was healing. After 6 weeks I returned to Australia for ongoing interactive treatment, debridement and hospitalization. I still have three months until full recovery.

Professional, attentive nursing staff. Dr Chan explained each step thoroughly, and kept me informed. The end result was as desired, but with the complications, the cost was 3 times more than anticipated.

22nd April, 2017

I feel and look like a new man

Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation

I just wanted to thank Dr Ng for the amazing job he did of my love handles liposuction, face laser treatment and fat injection. The results are unbelievable, I feel and look like a new man. I am so much more comfortable in everyday life. My clothes fit and feel so much better and my face discomfort has gone and new skin looks great. Thank you Dr Ng and the rest of the team like Carol and all the nurses, they were always helpful, knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble.
From the moment I met Dr Ng I was impressed with his professionalism, kindness and caring manner. The procedures that I had done at the clinic had all the latest medical equipment. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I highly recommend the clinic with such experienced and supportive staff.

13th December, 2016

I really satisfied with the result!

Treatment Received: Breast Implants

I wish to do breast aug since few years ago. And i planning to done it overseas maybe Korea or Taiwan because saw a lots of ad on website or youtube. Until one day my friends recomment me to Dr Ng. I decided to do my operation after my first consult with Dr Ng. Is because Dr Ng give me a clearly explanation and i feel that he is really experient in this! And now it is already 2 months the implant "stay" with me. I really like it! I really satisfied with the result! Even u ask me 10 times,if can re-choose will i choose Dr Ng to do my breast aug? My answer is YES! YES! YES! i will! Thanks Dr Ng..appreaciate and happy with the breast aug u do it to me??

The clinic is very comfortable and the nurse all taking good care to the patient.

27th April, 2016

I love my new body

Treatment Received: Liposuction

Great doctor! I went to Dr. Ng Hian Chan for tumescent liposuction after I had moved to Penang permanently. My experience with Dr. Ng Hian Chan was superb. He seemed to be very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with the thought of having surgery. The staff was friendly, and professional too and I had no problems at all. I got tumescent liposuction done rather than getting traditional liposuction because it is much safer and allows you to heal faster. It has now been over 6 months since my surgery and I love my new body. It has triggered me to stay in shape and exercise even more and more.

I highly recommend Dr. Ng Hian Chan! I am absolutely pleased with what Dr. Ng Hian Chan has done for me and can honestly say that he has changed my life.

Tanjung Tokong Georgetown
11th January, 2016

I would highly recommended Dr Ng who is kind hearted, very humble person and a very good doctor

Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation

My son got surgery on his facebone because of osteochondroma. I really thankful to Dr Ng did the surgery without leaving a scar on my son's face and have a quick recovery after the surgery. Thank you Dr Ng !!

Dr Ng is very friendly, helpful and always give a quick reply to my email and I really appreciate it. If you're looking for a plastic surgeon, I would highly recommended Dr Ng who is kind hearted, very humble person and a very good doctor ((:

18th August, 2015

Breast reconstruction after Mastectomy

Treatment Received: Breast Reconstruction

Today 10 August 2015 is one month of my Breast Tram Flap Reconstruction on my right side due to the mastectomy I had done on Oct 2012. It was incredible that after staying at hospital for 2 days. I could left hospital and after 3 times of control. 10 days later I went back to my country, though I thought it was a major surgery but the healing was very quick, almost no severe pain,and I hadn't consumed any pain killer...and now the scars look to be getting better day by day....I want to thank to Dr Ng.....I agree with those who said that Dr Ng was very humble and careful that made me sure that this kind of doctor I would choose to,and also want to thank to nurses,they are very helpful. About the price, I think was reasonable..I was cost 22 k Rm within 8 or 9 hours operation(as I been told) here I want to share to anybody who had done mastectomy to be considerated, ask for the help to Dr Ng

The nurses in ward mostly are quite professional and very nice, except one nurse on ward, once she wanted to change the dressings, after wearing gloves, she touched lavatory's handle. I reminded her n she asked me if she needed to change the gloves or not. Honestly I was shock.

10th August, 2015

I am 3 month post op breast augmentation

Treatment Received: Breast Implants

Excellent, professional work.

I want to say thanks to dr. Ng. Hian chan and his nurse for doing a very good job. I am 3 month post op breast augmentation with areola reduction now and I'm very satisfied with the results.

Doctor and nurse very caring and helpful and the price is so reasonable. Most important doctor gave good advice and did not insist or push the patient. The surgery went well. I feel no pain during surgery and also speed recovery. Very recommended!

4th August, 2015

The lids look very good and precise

Treatment Received: Blepharoplasty

Male upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) - I got lazy eyes that need to be fixed in order to look more fresh. It's very tricky because I actually have natural lids but they will only appear when I open-wide my eyes and I want the exact lids as that (or better)

I got a very fast email response from the customer service (within the first 48 hours). Dr Ng even replied my email and answered in detailed points to all my questions. I know Adventist Hospital and it's such a busy hospital and to get prompt reply from Dr Ng and Doreen/Carol (customer service) despite of very tight schedule, I were very much appreciated.

The surgery itself went well. Dr Ng gave detailed explanation before surgery regarding how the procedure is done and risks involved so that I'm aware. I feel no pain during the surgery. Even couple days after the procedure is done, I felt no significant pain. And now is the 8th day after my surgery. The swellings and bruises are almost gone by now. The lids also look very good and precise, though still in progress (bet it will look awesome in couple of weeks later). I would definitely suggest people to do procedures with Dr Ng for his professionalism and work . Very much recommended!

17th June, 2015

Faster than dieting and exercising

Treatment Received: Liposuction

I did the stomach and abdomen liposuction about 4 months ago and to-date have lost close to 10kg with waistline reduced about 3cm. All these was also achieved with proper eating habits and exercise after my liposuction. In my case the improvements were faster than the dieting and exercising over the years.

The clinic is located within the hospital which provides many other professional services. I am pleased with the results from this procedure and dr. ng and his team who attended were very professional and courteous. I will definitely consider revisiting this clinic in future.

8th June, 2015

He was very professional and response quickly to my enquiry.

Treatment Received: Plastic Surgeon Consultation

I was in contact with Dr Ng via email. He was very professional and response quickly to my enquiry. He had great knowledge and very skilful in answering all my queries.Thank you Dr Ng

10th April, 2015

Really satisfied

Treatment Received: Weight Loss Consultation

I went for Lipo consultation and I really satisfied with the explanation given by Dr Ng

10th April, 2015

I felt very comfortable

Treatment Received: Laser Assisted Liposuction

Quite pleased with the results. The staff is great; very professional and caring. I felt very comfortable, and the Doctor is both knowledgeable and highly ethical.

10th April, 2015

Good service

Treatment Received: Breast Reduction

So far so good. The service is good. Can't wait to do the check up.

Kuala Lumpur
10th December, 2014


Treatment Received: Liposuction


8th December, 2014

465, Jalan Burma, 10350 George Town, Penang.

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