Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Our aesthetic centre also provides common aesthetic facial surgery such as double eyelid surgery, upper blepharoplasty to combat aging upper eyelids and lower blepharoplasty to lessen eyebags. Not to mention, we are also able to conduct browlifting for waging eyebrows as well as a facelift and necklift to reverse facial aging.


Double Eyelid Surgery

  • One of the most popular cosmetic procedure in younger patients
  • For those without double eyelid folds
  • Both suturing methods and open surgery used depending on patient's situation
  • Creates natural double eyelid folds and minimize fat removal
  • No permanent suture left inside the eyes in order to prevent future problems
  • High patient satisfaction and minimal complications

Eyebags Removal

  • No fat removal is needed. The fat held up are freed and will rejuvenate the face resulting in a sharper complexion
  • Complete release of the orbital malar ligament
  • Minimal removal of excess skin for minimal complications
  • Suspension of eyelids to orbital rim with permanent suture to prevent ectropion
  • May combine with fat graft of mid face section if there is significant mid face tissue deficiency
  • Fast recovery and minimal complications

Facelift – full subSMAS facelift with neck lift

For patients with significant facial wrinkles, jowl, loose skin cheek and neck and deep nasal labial fold.

The methods we use

  • Moderate sedation and tumescent local anesthesia - safer for elderly patients
  • Extensive liposuction of cheek and neck
  • Extensive undermining of the facial skin up to nasolabial fold
  • High SMAS dissection for better elevation of mid face area
  • Plication of SMAS flap with permanent sutures
  • Delicate skin trimming and closure without tension
  • Suture removal about one week after the surgery
  • Fast recovery and minimal complications

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

  • Removal of excess skin and fat of upper eyelids due to aging
  • Longer scar compare with double eyelid surgery
  • May need to combine with brow lift surgery for optimal results
  • Slightly longer recovery as compared with double eyelid for younger people

Double Eyelid Surgery

Upper and lower blepharoplasty

Upper blepharoplasty and browlift


Eyebags Removal

Facelift – full subSMAS facelift with neck lift

Fat graft for facial rejuvenation

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